About US

Ben Aldridge - Managing Director

Hi , I'm Ben and I am one of the luckiest people I know! I live in the beautiful south west of Western Australia with my amazing family and I survived a 10 metre drop...


Yup that's 30 foot, it also forms the name I chose for my company. People ask me why I would name my company after the incident that lead to me being a quadriplegic. The truth is that whilst it has had some negative impact its has been the single most important moment of my life and the crucible that has shaped it. I have faced the worst version of myself, battled mental health issues, societies bias and come out the other end with one hell of a story to tell. I have served in the Defence Force overseas, worked on drill rigs, walked the Bibbulman Track End to End and much more!


If you want to learn more then drop me a line using any of the contact details on this page and lets organise a time.