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Empowered Leadership

"Resilience, adaptability, innovation and collaboration are skills every great leader strives to develop and often they spend years doing so. When you have a disability these are tools essential to our survival, these building blocks are already in place and all we need to do is develop them."

- Ben Aldridge

Ben presenting Empowered Leadership workshop

Empowered Leadership is a six day Leadership Development course that develops the leadership potential of the disability community across WA.

Using modern Leadership Theories, combined with proven, highly validated tools and the honest insights of leaders with a disability we will introduce you to key leadership fundamentals

The workshop takes place over two weeks with a mixture of digital and face to face delivery. Our team will work with all participants to ensure their accessibility needs are met, allowing participants to fully focus on the content and dynamic activities.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased autonomy, confidence in speaking out and resolving issues.

  • Improved skills and knowledge in the areas of respectful relationships, social connection, communication accessibility and leadership.

  • Have the skills and knowledge to start filling the current void of people with disability in politics,  high levels of business or government and boards or advisory groups.

  • Prepare participants for further leadership development.


This workshop is free to attend due to the generous support of the Department of Social Services as part of the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building Program.  The Department’s goal is to increase the number and quality of opportunities for people with disability to be included, connected, become leaders within their communities and having the opportunity to create lasting change.


Course Dates  and Location

Held over a number of locations through Western Australia, there could be a course near you.


Meet our Leaders

Meet the leaders that  provide insights into their leadership journey during the Empowered Leadership course.


Have a question?

Have a question or want more information?  Email the 30FD team at

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