Tapping In

Choosing where to invest your budget to get a maximum return on investment is fraught with uncertainty, while finding a new or neglected market segment is often business gold. In today’s crowded business world it is becoming harder to find the new niche for your products and services.

But what if we told you that there is an ‘untapped’ population who have clear, persistent needs that are not being adequately fulfilled? This population spans the world and includes motivated customers with an estimated disposable income of $54 million (and growing!) Australia wide.


Here at 30 Foot Drop we have done the research and we’re ready to share our knowledge on how businesses can begin Tapping In. Come along to one of our workshops to find out more.

"Awesome job! Very thought provoking and extremely well presented. Has opened my eyes in a good way! Thank you so much for the great program" - John, Harvey

What is covered?

Why access & inclusion is worth your investment

Researching a new market segment takes time – the most important and most limited resource you have. Thankfully, when it comes to people with a disability, 30 Foot Drop has done the research for you.

We’ve painstakingly combed through statistics, research and reports to determine their credibility and compiled them into an informative and entertaining package that will have you wondering why you
haven’t thought of this before.

Myths & realities of employing people with a disability

On-boarding new staff is always a risky exercise and with so many variables, why would you add more by employing someone with a disability?

The answer is simple. Studies show that people with a disability have superior attendance rates, increase staff morale, have less Work Health & Safety incidents, plus many more advantages.

We examine the seven myths of employing people with a disability and explain the subsidies available.

Tourism & Events - How to attract & plan for everyone

With the South West’s reliance on tourism and the millions of people who visit our region, it makes sense to plan our attractions, events and businesses so that the widest range of people are catered for.

But where to start?

We focus on the lifeblood of our region and why people with a disability are essential to it, as well as how to make your business attractive to this often overlooked and inadequately serviced segment of the market.

Choose the option that suits you

We understand there’s a variety of pressures on businesses, especially your time, so flexibility is key. That’s why we currently run our Tapping In workshops in two formats: an all-day workshop, as well as three 2-hour sessions.

Contact about scheduling a workshop with your business.