"Exactly a week after the workshop I (for the first time in my career) had a blind customer who needed me to guide him (physically), read titles of CDs to him and who gave me his wallet, with cash inside, so that I could use his ID to sign him up. I feel that I was more able to deal with this situation, and guide my workplace student, than I would have been before attending the workshop. I actually think that I made this customer feel more understood and welcome. I was trembling the whole while, leading him down the classical music, reading out titles, finding what he wanted and leading him back before I signed him up. To see his ID (to sign him up to the library) he gave me his wallet. I saw how vulnerable this man was. I signed him up and offered to keep his library card with us so he could just say his name and his wallet would remain safe. In addition, I asked him how he had traveled to the library and he explained that he had a very hard time in public transport. I was then able to offer our at home book services. I made sure, by asking him (huge numbers on a piece of paper) how he could contact the library. The man left very happy. I felt that I had fulfilled this customers needs, which I don't know if I would've been able to in the same way as before the workshop. So, thank you so much for giving me the skills and understanding to make a lovely persons day, and hopefully life, more enjoyable."



- Feedback from Shire of Peppermint Grove

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