25. April 2018
I had the honor of addressing the attendees of the ANZAC day service at the Capel RSL on the subject 'What does ANZAC Day mean to me?' This was an interesting speech to create and it ended up completely different to how I originally imagined but this is what I said: What does ANZAC day mean to me? When Duncan, the president of the Capel RSL asked if I could talk today I thought it would be easy. I am a young veteran, I deployed to East Timor with 2RAR in 2006 and served until a series of...
09. June 2017
So what happens when a quad wins a prize to watch a game from an inaccessible spot?
22. May 2017
What is it like being at the biggest music festival in Bunbury whilst in a wheelchair?
19. May 2017
What happens when a Quad catches the bus?