Showing True Leadership
24. January 2022
Admitting you’re wrong is no easy feat. Often you’ll find there is a cycle of emotions individuals will go through before, eventually, acknowledging their shortcomings – let alone taking the steps to rectify. But if we can’t even begin to acknowledge it’s there, how can we ever go about correcting it?
Health Provider Accessibility
10. January 2022
It’s fair to assume that people with disability are more likely to require a greater number of regular appointments with health professionals than able-bodied people, even if for check-ins, updates or regular maintenance. So, it might surprise you then that some of the most inaccessible facilities we encounter are those within the medical and health industry.

Caring for the Unpaid Carer
20. December 2021
Tis the season to be jolly! Often we use the festive time of year to take stock – to reflect on the year that’s been and get excited about the one ahead. It’s also a time to be thankful, and my list is very, very long. But it starts and stops with the most special people in my life: my wife and son.
Disability Strategy 2021-2031
13. December 2021
On 3 December our community celebrated International Day of People with Disability – an opportunity to highlight and applaude the incredible contribution people with disability have on a society. The day also marked a pretty important event, and that was the launch of Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-2031....what do we think of this document?

Why not you?  Dream big
07. December 2021
You may have heard the saying “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”, and it has particular meaning to this week’s topic. What happens when, you’re looking around the room, and you realise – it’s you; you’re the one who is supposed to stand up and lead the way...
20. November 2021
Calling for Solidarity Disability Pride Month is held in July every year, Disability Pride Month — Qi Creative Inc. this event largely recognised in the USA and UK that an celebrates visibility and the accomplishments of our disabled community. It’s not widely known or celebrated here in Australia, it’s something I’d love to encourage more people to acknowledge and support. During my research and reading of this year’s occasion, I stumbled across the Disability Pride Flag a symbol...

07. November 2021
Technology: a sheep in wolf’s clothing There’s no doubt that access to technology has allowed running a business in today’s modern world a little bit easier. However, like all progression, it’s important to check in and measure whether the benefits far outweigh the costs. As a small business owner, I can hand on heart admit that running a business is A LOT OF HARD WORK. You’re often forced to wear multiple hats that bigger organisations can dedicate to one individual – you’re the...
24. October 2021
Double Standards: Why do we ignore disability discrimination? Picture this: a renowned builder wins a big contract to construct a new shopping centre – the jewel of the local council’s vision for the future. The development is the talk of the town – locals are excited because it will be more than just a shopping destination, but an entertainment complex with restaurants, bars and cinemas. A huge opening event is planned with all the bells and whistles. Hundreds of people attend, including...

11. October 2021
The Art of Simulation (Activities) It was the famous writer Oscar Wilde who said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While imitation is mostly complimentary, sometimes it’s not always the case as things can easily get lost in translation. I’m sure you’ve all been exposed to an educational tool called Simulation Activities. A form of experiential learning, these are instructional scenarios where people are placed in a situation defined by the presenter that allows them...
20. September 2021
It makes us feel worthy. It makes us feel loved. Our third and final instalment, what better way to wrap up our Tokyo 2020 coverage with a homage to the great man and three-time Paralympic Gold medalist, D. Alcott. Part 3: My man, Dyl Those who are regular readers will be very familiar of my bromance with Dylan Alcott. An incredible athlete, Dylan boasts Olympic Gold in TWO sports and more tennis grand slam trophies than I can count. But it’s his feats away from the sporting world that has...

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