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Meet the 30FD Team

30 Foot Drop was established in 2017 and continues to grow in strength, supporting and advocating for the disability community through education and innovation.

Who are we?  Come and meet the team.

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Ben Aldridge Disability Advocate

Ben Aldridge - Managing Director

Hi , I'm Ben and I am one of the luckiest people I know! I live in the beautiful South West of Western Australia with my amazing family and I survived a 10 metre drop...


Yup that's 30 foot, it also forms the name I chose for my company. People ask me why I would name my company after the incident that lead to me being a quadriplegic. The truth is that whilst it has had some negative impact it has been the single most important moment of my life and the crucible that has shaped it. I have faced the worst version of myself, battled mental health issues, societies bias and come out the other end with one hell of a story to tell. I have served in the Defence Force overseas, worked on drill rigs, walked the Bibbulman Track End to End and much more! 

If you want to learn more then drop me a line using any of the contact details on this page and lets organise a time.

Jess Aldridge - Media Manager

When you’re scrolling through social media and see a post from 30 Foot Drop, it’s coming from me! Hi, my name is Jess and I am 30 Foot Drop’s social media manager and video editor. 


I am currently a student at Curtin University, studying a Bachelor of Communications in Television Production and Marketing, which has greatly improved my knowledge of video production and social media. 


You can follow 30 Foot Drop across all of the social media platforms to stay up to date with us! If you have any enquiries about our social media pages, or want to collaborate with 30 Foot Drop, contact me any time at - 

Jess Aldridge
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