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Groovin The Moo

I make no secret of my love of music, especially live music, but is it worth going to a music festival when your head is at a normal persons armpit? (As a side note, dancing is unfortunately very sweaty work and when your head is at my level you cope a noseful!)

The answer, in my case, is YES! I am very lucky, both of the major festivals near me cater amazingly well for people with a disability and apart from drunken blokes tripping over me (the nice looking young women I can handle) it is amazing!

Next time you are at a festival have a look next to the sound tent and hopefully you will see a platform with a ramp, this is the disability viewing area and I love it! It gets my head up above the crowd so I get an awesome view of the stage with a great vantage for people watching an as a bonus, being next to the sound tent the sound quality is awesome!

The only disappointing part about the entire event is that apart from myself there was only one other person in a wheelchair and that was because he had a broken leg. The lack of people in wheelchairs at events like this is always a surprise for me because surely I am not the only one who loves live music and when you have a platform to watch from it makes for an amazing experience. So if you have a friend who is in a wheelchair in the Bunbury area please let them know about these viewing platforms!


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